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(List of non-creditable goods)
{Section 2(w)}

1) Subject to clauses(2) and (3), the following goods are “non-creditable goods” for the purposes of this Act:

1. Motor vehicles designed for transporting fewer than 8 passengers; motor cycles, motor scooters and other motorised two-wheeled vehicles

2. Fuels in the form of petrol, diesel and kerosene, LPG, CNG, coal

3. Conventional clothing, ornaments, footwear and clothing fabrics

4. Food for human consumption

5. Beverages for human consumption

6. Goods designed, and used predominantly for, the provision of entertainment including television receivers, video cassette players, radios, stereo systems, audio cassette player, CD players, DVD players, computer game consoles and computer games, cameras of any kind

7. Tobacco in any form and tobacco products

(2) Any item in clause 1 is not to be treated as non-creditable goods if the item is purchased for the purpose of re-sale in an unmodified form by a registered dealer in the ordinary course of his activities.

(3) Fuel & clothing fabrics (Item 2 & 3 of clause 1) is not to be treated as non-creditable goods if the importer or purchaser is a dealer in products and purchases the items in commercial quantities for use as a raw material input to manufacturing process.