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Form AU-01 Grant of Authority.doc
Form AU-02 Order on Amendment Application.doc
Form AU-03 Notice for Suo-Moto Amendment of Registration, Approval.doc
Form DF-01 Objection Form.doc
Form DF-02 Application for Condonation of Delay.doc
Form DF-03 Application for determination of specific question.doc
Form DF-04 Application for ruling on general question.doc
Form DF-05 Notice of Delay.doc
Form DF-06 Application for Adjournment.doc
Form DG-01 Declaration furnished at Check-Post.doc
Form DN-01 Notice for Seeking Clarification on Objection Application.doc
Form DN-02 Notice Adjournment.doc
Form DU-01 Decision of Commissioner on Objection.doc
Form DU-02 Order for Extending the Limitation period on Objection.doc
Form FF-01 Dealer's goods tax return.doc
Form FF-02 Exception return.doc
Form FF-03 Revised Return.doc
Form FF-04 Application for opting Simplified Accounting Methods.doc
Form FF-05 Application for withdrawing simplified accounting method.doc
Form FF-06 Application for refunds by embassies etc.doc
Form FF-07 Return-cum-Tax deposit Challan.doc
Form FF-08 Tax deposit Challan.doc
Form FF-09 Application for Refund.doc
Form FF-10 Audit Report.doc
Form FF-11 Specimen Purchase Book.doc
Form FF-12 Specimen Sale Book.doc
Form FN-01 Notice for Summons & produce documents.doc
Form FN-02 Notice for Audit into person's affairs.doc
Form FN-03 Notice for proposed sale of goods.doc
Form FN-04 Notice for witholding of refunds.doc
Form FU-01 Refund order for dealer.doc
Form FU-02 Refund order for Embassies.doc
Form FU-05 Notice for special mode of recovery.doc
Form PR-01 Enrollment certificate of practitioner.doc
Form RF-01 Application for registration as dealer.doc
Form RF-02 Application for amendment of registration.doc
Form RF-03 Application for cancellation of Registration.doc
Form RN-01 Show cause notice for rejection of Application for Reg, Amd, Can.doc
Form RU-01 Registration Certificate for dealer.doc
Form RU-02 Order for Cancellation of Registration.doc
Form RU-03 Notice for Suo-Moto Cancellation of Registration.doc
Form RU-04 Order for rejection of Application for Reg, Approval, Can.doc
Form SF-01 Form for tendering of security.doc
Form SF-02 Application for return, surrender or cancellation of security.doc
Form TR-02 Application for amendment certificate of ART.doc
Form TR-03 Application for cancellation of the certificate of ART.doc
Form TR-04 Application for cancellation of the certificate of ART.doc
Form TU-01 Certificate of Approval of ART.doc
Form WA-01 Application for Approved Warehouse.doc
Form WA-02 Application for Amendment of Appd Warehouse.doc
Form WA-03 Application for Cancellation for App Warehouse.doc
Form WA-04 Application for Cancellation for App Warehouse.doc
Form WU-01 Approval Certificate of Warehouse.doc