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Message from Commissioner
Tax & Excise Department has a very important responsibility of collecting revenue as the main revenue collecting department of the State. The Department had collected about Rs. 122 crores of revenue in the 2008-09 and has collected nearly Rs.140 crores in 2009-10 as a result of introducing of new Excise Policy 2009, new optional 4% composition scheme on works contract for dealers, streamlining of TDS procedures to avoid double payment of tax , etc, and also due to dealing successfully with complicated legal issues about taxation facing the department.


Shri Amit Singla, IAS, Commissioner (Tax and Excise)

Shri Amit Singla, IAS

            The vision of the Department for 2010-11 is:

  1. To fully computerize the VAT administration under Mission Mode Programme (MMP) of Govt of India.
  2. To fully computerize the Societies and Excise Branches of the Department in association with NIC, Arunachal Pradesh.
  3. To introduce e-Services for dealers starting with e-payment of VAT and followed by e-issuance of statutory forms, e-returns, etc.
  4. Strengthening Enforcement by means of a dedicated enforcement team, installation of CCTV cameras and Electronic Weighbridges at border checkposts (BFCs) and surprise checking of dealers.
  5. Capacity building and training of officers and staff of the Department with special focus on inculcating capability to handle ensuing GST regime.
  6. Strong enforcement of TDS on works contract in association with the Finance Department, which has issued a directive that the VAT component in very estimate should be shown separately in the abstract of every estimate and the amount be regularly deposited in ex-chequer.

With these initiatives in process the Department hopes to significantly increase revenue and to touch the figure of Rs. 200 crores in 2010-11.